A downloadable gun mod


This is my first attempt at a Nuclear Throne Together mod, so I do apologize if the content doesn't look good / is bad. I'm open to constructive criticism , though. In fact, I encourage it!

I'll add more screenshots and a better YouTube trailer once the project progresses further, but for now I sadly only have two videos. :(

The contents of this mod include:

  • Mini Grenade Launchers
    • Mini Grenade Launcher
    • Auto Mini Grenade Launcher
  • More Pop Guns
    • Double Pop Gun
    • Triple Pop Gun
  • Melee Weapons
    • Leek [Miku Day!]

The leek has it's own video:

The content will evolve and change as time goes on, and everything isn't final. If you can contribute screenshots of the mod down in the comments, I'll add them as quickly as I can! :)

If you have any issues with the mod, please comment down below! 
If you want an earlier version of the mod, you can ask down below as well.

Install instructions

Thanks for downloading! Remember, you need the following to play this mod:

  • Nuclear Throne
  • Nuclear Throne Together Mod

In order to run this mod, you must:

  1. Install Nuclear Throne Together. [duh]
  2. Download my mod. [duh x2]
  3. Extract and move my mod into the "mods" folder of your NTT install.
  4. Boot up NTT.
  5. Go into the character select screen and type "/load hatsune guns"
  6. Enjoy :)


Hatsune Blake's Lil Guns Ver 0.11.zip 7 kB

Development log